Better left to the private sector |

Better left to the private sector

Today I stopped on the way home to get my USPS mail from a bank of mail boxes on Banner Lava Cap Road.

The bank of mail boxes (12 boxes or so) next to mine was unlocked so that anyone could have taken all the mail. There were no signs of forced entry, and all the mail appeared untouched. I called the 800 number for the Nevada City Post Office. I heard a "due to high call volumes you may experience a longer wait time than normal." I hung up and found the local (530 area code) number for the Nevada City Post Office. I called. No one answered so I was transferred to "the receptionist." Again, no answer, and I was told that I could not leave a message because "the voice mail box for this person (the receptionist) was full." However, I could be transferred to the receptionist!

I gave up trying to be a good citizen — defeated by the government. This is a great example of why most things are better left to the private sector. Can you imagine this kind of experience from FedEx or UPS? I sure can't.

Curtis Motola

Nevada City

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