Betsy Wobus: A positive irrigation story |

Betsy Wobus: A positive irrigation story

Being a "small farmer" with about 3.5 acres of pasture to irrigate, when my Kifco water reel blew a hole in its bellows this spring, I panicked, as there are no repairmen in Northern California. The nice folks at Ewing Supply in Roseville kindly ordered the bellows for me, and suggested I try Rain for Rent in Woodland.

I called about a month ago, was told they might have a tech who could work on it for me, but they were so backlogged, they didn't know when they might get here. After a second call, they set up an appointment for July 26.

The tech was prompt, polite, industrious, and honest about the fact he had never done one of these before. I provided pictures from the Kifco website that helped show where things went, and in an hour-or-so, the water reel was back in business!

He gave me a receipt with his hours (3.5 driving, 1.25 work) and said the company would bill me.

Today, I had a call from Rain for Rent: they were giving me an early Christmas present! What an incredibly uplifting experience! I highly recommend them for irrigation issues that can't be handled locally.

Betsy Wobus

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