Be careful of leaving God out |

Be careful of leaving God out

In all my decades as a conservative, I have never read an article that more perfectly described the Democratic Party.

The lines I was most impressed with were in Mr. Minett's letter: "We don't care how you envision God … it isn't our business. History warns us to be very wary of groups claiming to do God's work." I guess that includes our Founding Fathers.

It sure seems obvious to me that Mr. Minett does understand that God loves all of His children. Any organization, including his dominant political group in American politics, dare not connect with God when their policies of big government, massive regulations against economic growth all in the name of fairness resulting in deficits, debt, dependence and devastating unfunded entitlement liabilities.

Put that all together under the big tent of government control, and you have an overwhelming mortgage on our children's future. They must think it's better to use greedy capitalism, the environment and immigration as critical issues than to dare speak the truth about tomorrow.

Mr. Minett is also correct with his "big tent" analogy. Since the majority of American voters, soon to be joined by millions of immigrants, seem to want an even bigger government tent, beware the "tent" word.

All Americans have to know is that taking the "E" out of the word tent and not allowing the following E's under the tent is highly explosive … TNT!

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Best to avoid tents in favor of underground shelters.

Rick Farwell

Penn Valley

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