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Be a part of the solution

If we build our county as Laurie Oberholtzer proposed (at the Planning Commission Public Hearing on Feb. 14) with every house separated by 5 acres, we would in effect only facilitate global warming to the absolute fullest extent possible.

Every senior citizen getting into an automobile to do anything and everything is not the way to go. One resident of the new multi-family cohousing community in Grass Valley tells me that since he has moved off of one of those five-acre sites, he went from using five to six tanks of gas for his Honda Civic per month to less than one tank of gas per month.

The equidistant consumption of the rural landscape is the best possible way that we can possibly imagine to manifest global warming — and ruining the rural landscape.

Better to put the houses in one central walkable location and then to leave the rest of the county to open space. Maybe we can be a part of the solution instead.

Chuck Durrett

Nevada City

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