Ban the plastic bag, save money and clean up the environment |

Ban the plastic bag, save money and clean up the environment

For a long time it has been known that plastic causes significant damage to our environment and our health, and yet it continues to infiltrate our lives.

When you're driving down the highway or sitting in a park, it is blatantly obvious that the item that is littered the most is the plastic bag. With its light weight material, these bags are easily carried by wind to all over they county where they clog storm drains, damage a variety of equipment and kill wildlife. It is estimated that California spends about $25 million on plastic bag clean-up a year. In a time when our state has limited resources, wouldn't that money be better spent in areas like education that desperately needs funding?

All of these problems could easily be reduced with simple legislation that has been effective, not only in other countries, but in major cities in California as well: a plastic bag ban. Legislation like this would place a small fee on plastic bags in all retail stores, for those who still wish to use them, but would mostly rely on paper bags and reusable cloth bags. Plastic bags are both wasteful and unnecessary, which is why I urge the citizens of Nevada County to support Plastic Bag Ban legislation.

Monica Haulman

Nevada City

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