Balloons can be fatal to wildlife |

Balloons can be fatal to wildlife

In a recent obituary I read in the paper, the deceased's loved ones were asked to write a story about her, tie it to a purple balloon and release the balloon on her birthday.

As a wildlife volunteer, I ask you to please, please find a safer, more environmentally friendly way to honor this person. Aside from the fact that this is littering (what goes up must come down), and balloons are not biodegradable, balloons released into the air can cause injury and even death to wild birds and mammals. They can become entangled in the strings or ribbons attached to the balloon, or they can mistake the deflated balloons for food and ingest them. You can find more information on how harmful releasing balloons can be on many Internet sites.

So if you want to share stories about this person, have a potluck, email them to friends and family or pass out the balloons to others. Just please do not release them. Thank you.

Karen Kosky

Grass Valley

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