ATVs are not target practice |

ATVs are not target practice

This letter is in response to the Jan. 29 letter from Mr. John R. Miranty.

I live beyond Mr. Miranty and know and like him well and have much respect for him. I understand his frustration with ATVs.

However, as a lifelong off-road enthusiast, I have to take exception to his suggestion that the sheriffs' office would condone "to taking buckshot and/or target practice" to ATVs or trespassers. The sheriff's department would absolutely not condone or would not capitalize the use of lethal force in such instances. I would say with confidence that 90 percent of the off-roaders who pass by Mr. Miranty's property are in fact his not-so distant neighbors. I have personally witnessed families on ATVs pass by his house. To suggest that those of us in the Greenhorn Dirt Road Association would take up target practice against our neighbor's children is an unconscionable thought. I would urge Mr. Miranty to seek resolution of this situation through reasonable and/or legal measures.

Off-road enthusiasts are often a maligned group. We are not marauders from out of town, but we are your neighbors, their grandchildren, the kid down the block and even the girl next door.

Patrick K. Hanan

Grass Valley

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