ASPOA has nothing to do with golf |

ASPOA has nothing to do with golf

I was disappointed in R.L. Crabb's political cartoon regarding Nevada County year in review 2013 appearing in The Union Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013. Obviously, he was not diligent in his research regarding the Alta Sierra Property Owners Association's countless recall election battles.

His depiction of a golfer on a putting green has nothing to do with those election issues. Apparently, he failed to read John Renslow's article appearing in The Union Nov. 22, 2013, describing the differences of these two separate organizations. Alta Sierra Country Club golf course is beautifully located in Alta Sierra. However, the issues debated by ASPOA had nothing to do with the golf course. These different organizations sometimes work together on social events, but they are separate. Certainly, it would have taken little effort and perhaps been more appropriate to draw a ballot box instead. I'm surprised the editor didn't note this in his review. Hopefully, The Union will be more accurate in 2014. Happy new year.

Diana Garbin

Nevada City

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