Are you a good drone or a bad drone? |

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Are you a good drone or a bad drone?

Should the subject on drones be put to bed?

Maybe! There is good and bad in most everything these days. A book writer got arrested for trespass for circling his drone over a farm for photos. Animal rights flew one over a pigeon shoot to protest shooting of birds. Bad idea, it got shot down. There are many reports for "invasion of privacy" by flying around peoples' property. The "space" above ones property was defined in 1946 by the Supreme Court. The "landowner" had dominion over "at least as much of the space above the ground as he can occupy or use in connection with the land."

My TV antenna is 100 feet up in a pine tree so I guess I control that much? The Court also held an airplane just 83 feet in the air, scaring the landowners chickens was invasion of property. All may be changed as our government is considering lowering the floor to accommodate all surveillance drones.

What drone is a good one or a "bad" one? Smile you're on candid camera, Bang!

Al Hoffmeyer

Grass Valley