Are we better off? |

Are we better off?

Are we better off now or four years ago? Four years ago the bottom fell out of the housing markets, stock markets, banks and other businesses. Welfare lines were a mile long and police officers were directing traffic for people trying get to their local food banks. Osama bin Laden was trying to destroy America, and since then 2,000 wild animals have been tearing into trash cans, houses and other trash storage facilities.

Today almost everything has changed. Osama bin Laden is dead. General Motors is reborn, alive and kicking — but we still have a problem with wild animals. The Dept. of Fish and Game and animal rights activists have put wild animals on the front burner and humans on the back burner. That's called discrimination and this problem needs to be brought to our attention.

Meanwhile, to Obama, keep up the good work.

Paul Pease

Grass Valley

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