Another side of Mike Cartan — the coach |

Another side of Mike Cartan — the coach

I've known Mike Cartan since 1995 and would like to express my feelings about Mike, the coach.

A lot of beautiful, well-deserved good words appeared in The Union this past week describing Mike's outstanding work as an English teacher at Nevada Union High School. Mike has retired. You may not know that Mike also played an important coaching role for the Nevada Union football program. He was one of the varsity team's position coaches, coaching outside linebackers and defensive backs. Every player was extremely well coached. Many excelled and were outstanding.

Each one would agree with the following words to describe Coach Mike Cartan: knowledgeable, instructive, confident, positive, motivating, always uplifting, energizing, competitive, winning attitude, insisting that you do your best along with good sportsmanship.

Mike was also the athletic director at NU from 1999 to 2001, with many of NU's best athletic teams excelling during that time. He was loved by all of the players and truly did an outstanding job in that position.

Mike Cartan will not only be missed in the classroom but also on the football field. Thanks, coach, for a job well done.

Jim Black

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