Animals can’t speak for themselves |

Animals can’t speak for themselves

I'm known as an animal activist by most people and have been asked many times, "What about abused children?" or "What about veterans?" or "What about starving people?" Why are you not out there fighting for them? This is becoming a boring question.

I can only speak for myself, however, and while I am most outspoken on the animal treatment issue, I also do/or have volunteered for Sierra Services for the Blind, Divine Spark (attending to the homeless), the Gold Country Computer Center (assisted with computer education) and others that are all nonprofits.

There are a multitude of organizations for abused children, and law enforcement will be there when needed; there are veterans' organizations, there are abused women's organizations, etc. etc. In the past, however, law enforcement has not happened for the animals. We are now insisting that the laws be upheld and abusers punished. The animals cannot speak for themselves.

We are evolving and hopefully realize that animals should not be tortured for human pleasure, should not be beaten out of human anger or mutilated because of human ego. They live, they breathe, they hurt, they bleed and they love unconditionally. Too bad we can't.

Ruth Brown

Nevada City

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