An opportunity not fully realized |

An opportunity not fully realized

Ghidotti Early College High School, located on the Sierra College campus, is one of the many unique educational opportunities present in Nevada County.

Ghidotti students take college courses along with a full high school class load.

Ghidotti students are very aware of this great opportunity and repay the community through active volunteer service. One of the main goals of the program is to offer collegiate courses to high school students, regardless of their age.

Unfortunately, this opportunity is only partially realized. Although the program is in effect, the policies set forth by the California Chancellor of Community Colleges prevent its true potential.

Ghidotti students under the age of 18 are barred from attending field trips or any off-campus events that are hosted through their college courses, regardless of a liability waiver present.
Any college courses that require field trips are completely off limits for younger students. This restriction also applies for field trips for normal courses that would enhance the educational value.

For the Ghidotti program to be fully realized, community college policy needs to be changed so students can attend field trips for the full experience of Sierra College.

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