An American dream |

An American dream

Drift back with me through history

A dream will soon have birth

The dream that is "America"

A vision of great worth

For in this new land, more than wealth

Is what the world did see

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A vision of Utopia

A place to live … to be free

So, early pilgrims, left their homes

Their voyage here, hard and long

With sweat, and toil, and even war

They built this nation strong

Their quest was for a civil life

For then, and future too

To forge this country of great wealth

For them, for me, for you


And, through the years of history

To find a better way

This quest for peace and happiness

Remains as strong today

For there is still much, we can do

To share our nation's wealth

To give more people of this land

A better way to health

We'll find a way for better homes

With food for everyone

With equal right to dignity

There's much that must be done.

To live and work where one may want

With job equality

So, man can earn his place in life

Yes, these are goals we see

We'll place a value on a man

With freedom for his voice

And, rate him for his goodly deeds

And, not by color choice

So, let us get to work today

To forge these goals of worth

We'll make this country, for us all

The greatest … on this earth

Ralph Orth


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