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Always get a second bid, or opinion

Whether you want to get a new roof on your home or get your car tuned up or get financial or medical advise etc. be sure to get at least two bids or opinions.

I speak from experience because I ignored this age-old rule — and paid for this laziness by being penalized many times over.

This rule has stood the test of time because it's proven to have merit.

Because of the financial times we live in the "Rule of 2" is even more important than ever — especially for those of us who are older and not in a position to rebuild or to recoup our losses.

So, do not shy away from going to larger cities for a bid or advice — especially if there are only one or two people or companies specializing in the service you need. Roseville and Sacto are only a short drive away. This expansion of your "service network" can be well worth your time.

Remember the Rule of Two.

Dick Phillips

Alta Sierra