Alta Sierra HOA a losing proposition |

Alta Sierra HOA a losing proposition

The insinuation by David Johnson of the Alta Sierra Property Owners Association Board of Directors concerning a homeowners' association in Alta Sierra, that individual homeowners are powerless to prevent a neighbor from violating the CC&Rs, is both disappointing and disingenuous.

Any homeowner has the right to invoke court process (i.e., a lawsuit) to prevent such violations. An HOA would have no greater power to prevent violations; and when faced with a recalcitrant homeowner, would have to file suit as well. Such suits would easily exceed the $30,000 figure Johnson proffers. All that an HOA would do is spread that cost among all parcel owners.

ASPOA's board should acknowledge that an HOA is a very expensive proposition. An HOA must maintain a financial reserve. For a 3,000 parcel HOA in Alta Sierra, that reserve would run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That would mean an initial assessment of thousands of dollars per parcel. And the reserve must be replenished, either from mandatory monthly fees or future assessments.

The ASPOA board should inform all Alta Sierra homeowners of the actual cost of an HOA. That it has failed to do so indicates that it knows an HOA is a costly and losing proposition.

Dick Sciaroni

Grass Valley

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