All cyclists are ambassadors |

All cyclists are ambassadors

In response to Holly Irons' Oct. 3 guest column, "Bicyclists need to follow the rules, too," as a nearly full-time bike commuter, I completely agree and can tell you that Ms. Irons was far too polite.

Cyclists in our area have a serious public relations problem, and they earn it every day.

While Ms. Irons says that a few cyclists may disregard the rules of the road, we all know that it's extremely rare to see a cyclist stop at a stop sign for any reason other than self-preservation.

It's hard to watch friends and peers on bicycles flagrantly disregard the whole "Share The Road" concept. All cyclists are ambassadors, like it or not: when any cyclist is seen — by anyone — running a sign or blowing off any other road rules, it speaks volumes on behalf of all cyclists in our area, driving disrespect for all cyclists and promoting road rage. That behavior makes us all less safe.

Ride on. Do it safely and responsibly. "Share The Road." You already know it: behavior like this is not OK.

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Tom Grundy

Nevada City

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