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All about love

It's interesting that Peter Pohorsky sees no end to discussions about "same-sex marriage," yet he managed to fill three columns with his stance against it.

To me it's all semantics. As an agnostic, I do not believe much of the Old Testament, I know there are historical edifices, tombs, etc., to prove many things about that time in history. I cannot believe that an unseen god murdered thousands and made harsh and cruel decisions. Those who are opposed to same-sex marriage are cherry-picking the Bible since they don't mention incest or brides sold in exchange for cattle, money or political favors. I guess that's not a problem.

Marriage has been through enormous changes over the centuries. To say what Christians view as traditional is a matter of perspective. It's interesting that what Jesus taught is not mentioned so much. He taught peace, love and understanding. There was no mention of divorce, abortion or same-sex unions. He did admonish his followers to feed the hungry, clothe the poor and not be judgmental. I don't see many of our so-called Christian leaders following his teachings, yet they rail about "family values." His message was all about love.

Patricia Anderson

Grass Valley

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