Ageism is rampant |

Ageism is rampant

On Jan. 1, 2014, I sent over 100 emails and faxes to California politicians asking them to pass a law or measure that I call The SAGE Act (Stop Ageism and Generational Exclusion) that would eliminate the rampant age discrimination that is practiced during the hiring process in cities all across California. To say I have been disappointed with the response is an understatement.

Of the four politicians who have responded, only two seem the slightest bit interested in stopping ageism and the other two gave me the classic answer of all politicians: It's not my job.

The SAGE Act is a pretty simple idea that would be easy to implement because it asks employers to do less work instead of more. The five tenets, which can be read on our Facebook social media, prohibit potential employers from asking for any information that would provide a person's age or help give them a reasonable supposition as to what it would be. The act is meant to shield all age groups from the practice of ageism, not just seniors, though older workers are the most likely group to run up against ageism.

Allowing people to work for as long as they like makes economic sense, since it will keep people from being forced into depending on Social Security and Medicare. Instead of using these dwindling assets, they would be contributing to them.

Since the average age of the politicians on my list was 61 years old, I guess the only way an old person can get a job in California is to get elected.

John Darling

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Ventura, Calif.

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