Additional ‘simple math’ on global warming |

Additional ‘simple math’ on global warming

In response to "Hidden Agenda of Global Warming Conspiracy" by Thomas Crosswhite in the May 30 issue of The Union, Mr. Crosswhite cites some very large and impressive numbers. They deserve some additional "simple math" to give them some perspective.

The Antarctic ice being 70 percent of the 326 million trillion gallons of ice worldwide, comes to 228 million trillion gallons. The amount of ice melted to raise the oceans 1 inch, 4,503 trillion gallons, is less than .002 percent of the total Antarctic ice. That's two one thousandths of one percent! If only one-tenth of one percent (.1 percent) of the Antarctic ice melted the ocean levels would rise over 50 inches! This is, of course, based on Mr. Crosswhite's numbers, the accuracy for which I can't attest.

Further, the fact that sea level has varied over 600 feet in the last 200 million years illustrates that it is quite possible for them to change in spite of the comment to the contrary in Mr. Crosswhite's letter.

Rick Paulson

Grass Valley

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