Action needs to be taken regarding students’ bad behavior |

Action needs to be taken regarding students’ bad behavior

In regards to the sports article on Feb. 27 regarding Sheldon high school parents and students upset by bad behavior from Nevada Union High school teens: This has been addressed before now and the powers to be have just swept this issue under the rug. A mother complained that her boy adopted from another country was called all sorts of names last year and the parents went to complain and nothing got resolved.

Now we had KCRA news on about the bad behavior at the game against Sheldon High. The Sheldon cheerleaders were so upset and embarrassed and they got pennies thrown at them.

Principal Mike Blake was to meet with the teens on Feb. 27. Let's hope some good comes of this — you can bet this will be played down.

Who knows if a parent from Sheldon High will sue this school and then maybe something will finally be done about calling people names that aren't appropriate. Something has to be done with the decline of this school. Good kids go there also and do well in sports and the music program is first rate.

So Mr. Blake, you need to stop this behavior now!

Miriam Martin

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