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Congress has a low approval rating. What we seem to have forgotten is that we are the employer, and they are the employees. It is time that "We the People" take back the control, which has always been ours. Members of Congress spend far too much time either running for office or thinking about running for office. I would suggest that we elect them for one 10-year term either in the Senate or in the House (they cannot serve in both).

We could then stagger their election so that we have approximately 20 percent of Congress being new blood every two years. This would mean that we would need an easier system for recalling them should we not like their performance. Next, they should never be entitled to an increase in pay or benefits without our direct approval. They are the employees, after all. Also, we suffer from their inaction not them. This could be corrected by imposing a penalty if they should not pass an item, such as the budget, on a timely basis equal to 10 percent of their pay plus benefits for that year. It's time to stop complaining and take action.

Jim Primrose

Nevada City

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