Accountability is paramount |

Accountability is paramount

Several years ago, I lost my son while he was in the U.S. Navy. He was just 19 years old and stationed on a ship in the Indian Ocean. It was a terrible, painful time for our family.

That is why I do not understand the complete silence of the families who lost their sons in Benghazi. They seem to have accepted the "babblings" of Clinton at the hearings and the total lack of responsibility of our supreme leader, Obama. He has had five long months personally to address the American people and tell us exactly what happened during those 10 hours of death and destruction. Why hasn't he? And why doesn't anyone care?

It seems this is going the way of Fast & Furious. Soon it won't be discussed at all. No one will be held accountable. Why aren't the families mad as hell and demanding answers? They were given no truthful answers and were just expected to roll over and accept Obama's insincere, trite condolences. Why have they not joined forces and demanded the truth?

I understand completely that nothing will bring back their sons, but perhaps the truth will give them some closure and peace of mind.

Joanne Crouch

Grass Valley

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