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AB154 improves access to safe abortions

There exists logical, reasonable evidence to support AB154, which will allow early term aspiration abortion by properly trained nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants.

A five-year study conducted by UCSF concluded that these vacuum-aspiration abortions were safe when conducted by trained, qualified clinicians. Further, their study showed that women who chose this option were at lower risk as they could seek medical care in their own community earlier than they might have access to otherwise.

The issue of choice is one fraught with emotion on both sides. Those in favor of a woman's right to choose support whatever choice she makes — whether it be keeping the baby, choosing adoption or terminating the pregnancy. I know of no one who advocates abortion as the only choice.

No matter which side you support, remember that abortion is legal in our state. Those who feel it should not be have the freedom to lobby to change those laws. Better access won't increase the number of abortions; it will merely provide a safer alternative.

AB 154 improves access for women who might otherwise find it difficult to exercise this legal option. Improving access means safer and better quality of care.

Frederika Zylstra

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