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A thoughtful citizen

On Saturday morning, I walked up to the mailbox to get the paper and was greeted by a huge mess from a neighbor's trash container that had been tipped over, widely scattered up and down the road.

There was someone in the road cleaning it up — not the owner of the trash and not someone from the neighborhood, but oddly, a total stranger.

I inquired and he said he was returning home from working the night shift at the Banner Mountain fire station and saw the mess, which included a lot of glass in the road.

He just felt it needed to be cleaned up before it caused a problem for someone.

The Good Samaritan's name is Rob Penn. Cleaning up other people's garbage is never a pleasant task, and this was not a simple, quick job.

He was using his own broom and shovel, dodging cars racing up and down the road, and the task probably took nearly an hour of Rob's time.

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So, Rob, we truly thank you for your thoughtful deed. You're a credit to NCCFD, and on Saturday morning you set a fine example for the rest of us.

Peter Brost

Nevada City

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