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A reason to be thankful; little girl needs your help

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Chris Peterson

I was a Nevada Union miner from 1998 to 2002 and grew up in the great Nevada County.

I entered the military and served 10 years on submarines as a chemist and health physicist. Currently, I devote my time to other veterans by working at the Seattle Veterans Administration. This is not why I am writing.

I wanted to share — as the holiday season arrives when we will enjoy family and feel the magic of this holiday season — a story that I need my family for … all of you. A little girl named Kaiyanna was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. She is 1 year old. Take a moment to let that sink in.

This has been a devastating blow to our dear friend, her mom, Teal. I went and visited Friday with her, and despite all that has happened in the last week, I was still able to see a great deal of hope in her eyes.

She told me that her insurance is refusing to cover this. She is dealing with lawyers and insurance companies to fight to be able to keep her little girl alive. After only one week, this is what her life has turned into. At this point, tears could not help but roll out the corners of my eyes. A 1-year-old precious girl, a gift from God to this Earth, has been given almost a death sentence.

I am asking people to think about this and consider helping this beautiful girl and her mom. I will be contributing at least $1,000 and will bring Thanksgiving to them at the Seattle Children's Hospital, along with a huge emotional support group.

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Help through any method you would like. My father, Dan Peterson, will be a point of contact in the Nevada County area. He lives in Nevada City and can be reached via email at darol@infostations.com or by phone at 530-470-8731.

The news as of yesterday when I was there was that the tumor was removed after a full day of surgery, and the cancer had not entered the central nervous system. This is a blessing, yet the road has just begun. A mother will have to decide if chemo or radiation therapy is the best answer for her 1-year-old baby girl.

For me this week, I will be thankful that a human, a baby, lives another week. I couldn't think of something more worthy to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

If financial help is not possible, then please pray every day for this little girl and her mom. Bring this to your church this upcoming weekend and pray. Thank you for reading this and your help, whatever it may be.

Chris Peterson lives in Seattle, Wash.

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