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A proud grandma

I am the grandmother of the Penn Valley Little League Brewer's pitcher (a team of 12 to 13 year olds). I attended his last game of the season. He pitched great, but that is not why I am writing.

One of his teammates, Carson, has a younger brother, Cole, who is afflicted with a bone disease and is wheelchair bound. My grandson, Matthew Zeman, promised to make a home run for him during this game. In the third inning, Matthew hit it just shy of the fence, getting a double. However, in the last inning, Matt looked at Cole, gave a thumbs up, and "first pitch" hit it out of the park!

After all the accolades at winning the game 10-0, Matthew retrieved the ball and presented it to Cole. The joy in that little boy's eyes was more than a parent could hope for … and Matthew was pleased that he fulfilled his promise.

The empathy Matthew displayed is more than grandparents can express. I just had to share this event!

Mary Rosenberg

Penn Valley