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A new take on school security

There have been proposals of arming security guards, teachers, principals, or, even parents in response to the recent mass shootings, but this would be one more instance of discrimination against the young!

Go ahead: arm the teachers, principal, even parents, but then you must, to be fair, arm the students, also. After all, most of the shooting victims have been children. We're suppose to be educating them for self-sufficiency. Here's a good start: Arm the students, and teach them how to use their guns safely. Then, we would have no worries about a killer getting off more than one shot before he drops in a hail of bullets. Of course, we must be reasonable in the implementation of such a policy: kindergartners could be armed with BB guns, first-graders with pellet guns, second-graders would graduate to .22s, and so, finally, high school students would carry large caliber, semi-automatic weapons. Which policy would be the most effective: one armed school security officer, a few pistol-packing teachers, or an entire student body, each holding the power of immediate self-defense?

Additionally, this policy would eliminate the problem of bullying in our schools, as well as unfair grading practices. Let's make our schools safe!

Kenneth O'Malley

North San Juan

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