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A letter to those who have health insurance

To those who have health insurance: If you are on Medicare or Medicaid, or if you work or have worked for the city, county, state or federal government or are enrolled in a group plan, you probably have health insurance.

The Affordable Care Act is for those who are going to college, those who have pre-existing conditions, those who cannot afford the prices for health insurance and the poor.

Everywhere I go, I hear those who run down "Obamacare," as it has been tagged, and it is these people who have insurance. This is selfish, only caring about themselves, not knowing that if everyone were covered, the costs would go down for all, as the hospitals and doctors would get paid.

I realize that the program has some glitches, but so did Medicare when it started, and what would we seniors do without Medicare now?

Come on and give it a chance, as we did Medicare.

Milton L. McConnell

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