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A good ‘first step’ forward

You have to respect Supervisor Weston for being willing to step up and get a letter moving in the proper direction, asking the United States Forest Service to increase its efforts to protect Nevada County's forest lands. On the other hand one must look at county counsel's written opinion on this issue. This is indicative of what you would get from most lawyers today.

For years, lawyer wannabe's study case law in school and never once, ever, look at the Constitution as the basic document on which all United States law is formed! Everything lawyers today come up with is based upon "man's opinion" with no reference or understanding of the people's law (The Constitution) that restricts government excesses. Who in government wants to be restricted by "the people"?

I think we are all seeing the effects of those policies now.

So, yes, the supervisors do have the jurisdictional authority over all county lands, and that includes those lands managed by the US Forest Service, but the fear to act is more based on a lack of knowledge by the supervisors, by county counsel and a fear of losing money from the federal government.

Chuck Shea,

CABPRO executive director

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