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A case where justice failed

Two young adults are responsible for 10 residential burglaries. Our lenient Judge Anderson allowed them to plea bargain down to two charges. No trial convened, eight felony offenses thrown out, and no justice for eight of their victims.

A four-year, eight-month prison sentence was agreed to; with time served credit and good conduct reductions they will likely serve only two years in prison.

Judge Anderson thinks that sentencing young men to prison "often results in failure." Oh, really? These two criminals have already failed! Stephen Madonna's mother said, "He made a mistake but he's done his time already. I need him at home."

Did she ever wonder where all that stolen property he brought home came from? Apparently not. Madonna actually made the same mistake 10 times. He deserves a longer prison experience for all of his mistakes.

A defendant claiming his drug usage and his immaturity are excuses for his carefully planned, deliberate criminal activity is absurd. So also is a Superior Court judge who believes and accepts those ridiculous ideas, and then allows convicted felons to negotiate their own lenient punishment. Justice failed!

Frank B. David

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