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Letter to Doolittle

Bruce Longmore

Thank you Rep. Doolittle for reaffirming your support of a corrupt White House administration and for assuring me that you support our troops by pledging unquestioning support for an ill-conceived, unjust and illegal war. I am so glad your votes in Congress represent my voice and my interests as a God-fearing, patriotic, Vietnam-era American Veteran. As I look at today’s world, close to retirement and certain upcoming medical problems as I age, it is so comforting to know you understand my issues. All I must do now is convince my children and my grandchildren that I am worth the price of the debt you have so kindly placed on them so that you may spread our generosity and grand knowledge of democracy and freedom around the world. And as you commiserate with Tom DeLay and his problems, while quietly praying that you are not next, thanks Boss Doolittle for voting yourself a raise while cutting my future benefits. I am so reassured by your responses, which by the way were prepared published and mailed at taxpayer’s expense, that I really take pleasure in knowing I will be among masses voting you out in the next election.

Bruce Longmore

Grass Valley

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