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Let’s get a different bias

Calls have gone out for a conservative to replace William Safire who is retiring from the New York Times. (Safire, along with David Brooks, are op-ed columnists representing the view from the right on the Times. Thomas Friedman and Maureen Dowd do the same for the left.).

Personally, I like The Times system for achieving balance. Better two people with divergent passions than one trying to find the middle ground.

There has recently been a call for greater balance on The Union staff in dealing with political issues. I don’t think there is much disagreement that our two political columnists, Somerville and Ackerman, are on the same side of the Great Divide in Nevada County, i.e. the growth issue.

Furthermore we have recently elected a 5-0 pro-growth Board of Supervisors, most of whom have a financial stake in our growth rate.

It would be nice if there was at least one voice of authority in Nevada County speaking for the other 50 percent of the people, those who support a more circumspect growth policy. With Somerville leaving The Union, I suggest that an effort be made to find a replacement with an avowed bias toward quality-of-life planning.

Jim Hurley

Nevada City

Editor’s note: Somerville’s column does not address political or growth issues.