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Keep trail open

In last Saturday’s article about a trail dispute near Donner Lake, Nevada County supervisors Ted Owens and John Spencer are said to support the abandonment of the easement, so that private property can reign supreme, while We the People can “go take a hike” – somewhere else.

This so-called “stock trail” is the Dutch Flat Donner Lake Wagon Road. It was built as a toll road serving the mines of Virginia City, during the Civil War, but after completion of the Central Pacific Railroad, in 1869, it was given to Placer and Nevada counties by Leland Stanford and Charles Crocker.

It is one of the most historic roads in all California, not to put too fine a point on the thing.

It has been a public road since 1869, and is the direct predecessor of the Lincoln Highway, Highway 40, and today’s I-80.

It must remain open to the public, and the “no trespassing” signs and boulders removed.

Russell Towle

Dutch Flat