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Katrina is colorblind

Shame on those self-identifying black leaders who interject themselves as spokepersons for Afro-Americans and interracism as reasons that the evacuation was slow for the black victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Condoleezza Rice, who will go down in history as the greatest and most respected diplomat in U.S. history, an Afro-American and a native Alabamian, who went abroad and secured millions in donations from Third World countries to help the victims who were devastated by Katrina, refuted their statement that racism was involved.

They cry racism to promote their own self-egos while exploiting their people and taking advantage of their suffering and grief.

Ninety percent of Grass Valley donors who are white donated to the victims of Katrina, who are mostly black. Show me the racism.

You so-called black leaders don’t get it. The song is people helping people.

Tony Kuluz

Grass Valley