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I read with great interest the Aug. 11 article on congressional candidate Mike Holmes of Auburn. The article carefully delineates Mr. Holmes’ views on quite a few timely issues. I will recap: He decries the Bush administration’s lies and the invasion of Iraq and wants to bring our troops home; he is in favor of stem cell research to save lives and cure disease; he agrees with environmentalists that the Auburn dam would destroy “one of our greatest assets”; he hopes that law enforcement will eradicate our serious methamphetamine problem; he is in favor of a woman’s right to choose (this is not the same as pro-abortion – I don’t know of anyone who is); he is “fiscally conservative,” as are many moderate Democrats.

Mr. Holmes, you don’t have a chance of winning the Republican nomination. As a former Republican myself, I can tell you that your party went off the deep end long ago and is now in the hands of right-wing extremists. Please give serious consideration to joining us Democrats. We could use you.

Deborah Russell

Grass Valley