It’s the parents’ job |

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It’s the parents’ job

I’ve been following the parental consent issue with much interest and concern. Why is it that it’s always easier these days to take the path of least resistance when it comes to tough family issues? Many people would just rather these messy issues be handled outside the family unit by the school, police, correctional facilities, hospitals and the like. How about having faith in nurturing and respecting the family unit as it is intended, a place where communication is encouraged freely and issues are discussed and resolutions arrived at?

The bottom line is the focus of this debate – who is accountable? Last I knew, parents are responsible for their children until age 18 – is that still the law? If so, let parents parent, teachers teach and District Board members listen and act even if it’s not the easiest path of least resistance. Do we really need the media and school boards to be the avenues for teaching family values – should we not put the accountability back where it belongs, with the parents?

The great news is this is an area of debate so it indicates people care on both sides of the issue.

Debra Martin

Grass Valley