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Inconsistent ethics

A few months ago, Jeff Ackerman, The Union’s publisher, conducted a front-page crusade to destroy Bruce Conklin’s reputation at the very height of Bruce’s campaign for supervisor. Now, in the interest of “balance,” Ackerman argues that things like lawsuits might be left out of the news altogether because if an accused turns out to be innocent, he will have been subject to “public ridicule and whispers and stress and untold toll.”

It takes some real chutzpah to pretend to such a concern for ethics just weeks after successfully completing a “whisper” campaign against one of the most honorable and hard-working politicians we’ve seen in our county. Put me down as a vote to replace Ackerman with someone who practices what they preach, someone who can put aside their partisanship when it comes to meaningful values like truth, integrity, or at least common decency.

Stan Thomas-Rose

Grass Valley