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I object to message

As I was sitting down for dinner (recently), I was interrupted by a phone call. It was a recorded message from Sue Horne about a meeting at Bear River High School on March 16. I want to know who paid for the phone call, and the recording. Was any county money used in getting out her message? From what list did she get my phone number and did someone have to pay for the list?

As it was a recording, I was unable to tell her exactly what I thought of the message. It was about stopping students from having confidential medical appointments without parental consent. If the dialogue between parent and child was an open one, there would be no need for such an appointment.

I am a proud member of the NCCC, and object strongly to the phone message. I am only sorry that I (couldn’t) be at the meeting on the 16th, but I (was) there in my thoughts.

If any of you feel the same as I do, please (make your thoughts known to Horne).

Dorothy G. Leighton

Nevada City