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Hits & Misses in Nevada County (April 20)

The Union staff

(This story has been corrected with the right date for Byers Enterprises’ open house. The Union regrets the error.)

Each week we'll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to drogers@theunion.com or bhamilton@theunion.com

HIT: To Byers Enterprises reaching the 30-year mark with a now-regional business that began with Ray Byers Sr. picking up some roofing jobs in town. The company is celebrating its remarkable success April 28 with an open house at the Byers Design Center at 115 Idaho-Maryland Road.

HIT: To whatever moderating, centrist influences are working on Team Trump of late. Policy makes a lot more sense. Now dare we hope for an end to adolescent tweets?

HIT: To Earth Day and Sierra College's celebration of the day with "Turn Over a New Leaf" on the Grass Valley campus on the big day.

HIT: To the South Yuba River Citizens League recognizing volunteers for more than 10,000 hours from more than 1,000 people giving their time to help protect the watershed. That's a lot of earth days.

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MISS: To the ridiculous violence and provocations in Berkeley last weekend as anti-Trump people decided to clash with pro-Trump demonstrators who seem to have chosen Berkeley in part for the chances of a standoff. The anti-Trump folks took the bait and gained another black eye for the liberal cause.

HIT: To no excuses. This is in the vein of the fictional Yoda's bit of wisdom: "Do or do not. There is no try."

HIT: To clothing designer Mark Braddock, whose 8103 Clothing has caught the eyes and been worn by celebrities, moving recently from Florida to western Nevada County. You can find his brand locally at Clock Tower Records, Make Local Habit and Madame Madrone's.

MISS: To screen dependency, which seems to have become TV addiction on steroids.

MISS: To desperate bids for attention on social media, now down to videoing rape and even murder. Fake news suddenly seems so quaint.

HIT: To the Dig, Dine & Dance fundraiser for scholarships put on by the Anna O'Neill Foundation. The event and scholarships put the thinnest strand of silver lining on tragedy.

MISS: To the latest ATV tragedy, so fresh and raw and seemingly preventable.

HIT: To supporters of the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation, including award winners Alison Jones-Pomatto, Hal DeGraw, Mike Bratton and Nancy Avila.

HIT: To the annual Mayors Breakfast on May 4 at the Grass Valley SDA Fellowship Hall taking up that thorny topic, homelessness. The mayors of Grass Valley, Nevada City and Truckee will discuss solutions with a panel of experts.

MISS: To taxes! Boo, hiss. Only, that's what makes society … society and a community at the local level. Income tax is the hardest to take with what sure look like excesses in at least some of the state and federal spending. And yet key services go underfunded for all the taxes we pay. Locally, property tax roots us to local government services. But sales taxes go where we decide to shop. Shopping local keeps the tax dollars local, as well as helping the local business support its employees and owners. Unfortunately, the real MISS is how often we choose to spend those shopping dollars where we think things are cheaper, which alas cheapens our own community by our own hands.

HIT: To the Grass Valley Moose Lodge making Easter a lot more fun for the kids for the past 40 years.

HIT: To Washington. No, not the "Washington" where a president and vast bureaucracy reside. The little town up the river from here. Specifically to Rachel and Joe Zammit, who recently reopened the Washington General Store.

HIT: To our local police. We demand much of our officers, and they do a remarkable job of living up to our demands, which we don't give much thought to. In a way, this might be the biggest tribute to jobs well done.

HIT: To masters of track and field, speaking of remarkable. The Sierra Gold team boasts national champions, world champions, 40 All Americans among its ranks. Also a lot of you-'n'-me's who still are bringing it to the pain sports.

HIT/MISS? To what had to happen at some point, a famous winery being redeveloped into a marijuana processing and packaging center in Mendocino County. The site is the original Fetzer family farm.

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