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Here we go

A sales tax increase for Nevada County road improvements? So now we taxpayers are expected to literally pave the way for more unwanted development in our county. (The Union, July 21) Ironically Patti Ingram says, “I’m tired of trying to rely on the state to help us with traffic.” Hey, Patti, look in the mirror; you have had a huge hand in creating all this traffic by being in bed with developers and builders in our area for years. The city of Grass Valley has consistently run 200 percent to 300 percent over budget on nearly all of its projects. Where’s the accountability?

News flash: the state has no money! If and when they get some (probably in the form of a new tax), what makes you think they will give it to a project that they know will go over budget by 200 percent?

The only way to get a handle on this traffic problem is to stop all city annexations and new building in the entire county. Contractors will still be busy doing repair and remodel jobs; of course, they will cry like babies about it but the work is here.

David A. Price

Grass Valley