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Heat and housing

I think the heat is getting to all of us. First, a few things I’m sure you are all aware of.

A fan heats the room – not by much, but it serves no purpose unless the air is blowing across your body.

A ceiling fan running in an empty room not only heats the room but also brings down the hotter air on the ceiling down to floor level.

Use an efficient refrigerator. A refrigerator, paradoxically, heats the room. All the energy it draws from the wall socket is eventually converted into heat. (Feel those cooling coils in back!)

The heat is clearly having its effect on this opinion page. A recent Other Voices article suggested resolving the current affordable housing problem by continuing the free-market approach that has created the problem. And “the first thing our governmental agencies should be fighting for is four lanes for Highway 49 in 2006, not 2010.”

But I’m sure the Grass Valley City Council will not succumb to the heat. I’m sure they will look for job growth in areas where wages are commensurate with housing costs rather than increase the burden on affordable housing with the high proportion of low-income jobs expected from reopening the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

Jim Hurley

Nevada City