Grieving for the future |

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Grieving for the future

I am an 80-year-old World War II veteran. Who knows how long I will live? I grieve for my country. I grieve for my grandchildren and I grieve for my great-grandchildren.

We have been through four horrendous years under the Bush administration, and the future looks even darker.

The religious right voted against gay marriage as if it was something so immoral, and they voted against abortion. What total hypocrites! The deaths of over 1,100 American soldiers and the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqis do not faze these morons. All caused by a war launched on lies.

The national debt of billions and billions will be on our children for years and years. Bush wants to drill for oil on public lands instead of encouraging conservation. He has no solution for the millions who have no health insurance. Outsourcings of jobs will continue. The Supreme Court will become a solid Republican block. Do not be surprised if the draft is reinstated.

You can see why I grieve for all the children.

Henry Dax

Nevada City