Government shutdown, my 2 cents |

Government shutdown, my 2 cents

My take on this shutdown fiasco is that the majority of House Republicans believed they were being disrespected and that Barack Obama is a tyrant so brutal he has required Republican rebellion against his rule. Watching their posturing during this shameful time for our country suggested they don't give the slightest damn about the far-reaching hardships they have inflicted and will continue to inflict on our nation. They are too obsessed with demanding that abstract "something" from the president.

Some people in this country continue to take issue with how they are not being respected by the first non-white president ever given the ability to make executive nominations and waivers and rules. And by their God, they weren't going to reopen this government until he learned his place.

Were we the voters really so ignorant or like-minded that we elected people to represent us who have so little regard for their country and its people? Either way, we all are now paying the price for our folly. I hope we have learned our lesson and next time elect people whose self-importance and personal agendas will not override their ability represent us.

Diane Masini

Grass Valley

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