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Global warning

Russell Steele’s Other Voices, Dec. 17 (“The science behind global warming”), discounts Stewart Udall’s suggestions for reducing global warming as too expensive and ineffective in the face of a galactic warming trend caused by the sun.

Udall’s suggestions may not reverse global warming but they would be a positive step toward national energy independence from fossil fuels and also help reduce pollution levels. Steele seems to propose that humanity not get too exited. On the other hand, we probably do not want to simply relax like the frog in a pot of water on a stove that is being slowly heated. As everyone knows, the frog eventually can no longer adapt to his changing environment and finally boils to death.

If Americans are concerned about paying taxes for dubious government projects, consider this: Israel receives $2 billion in direct military subsidies while Bush awards seniors $400 million for prescription drug benefits. Of course, Israel turns around and buys a lot of weapons from American arms manufacturers controlled by Bush family cronies. Then again, seniors go out and buy prescription drugs from American drug makers.

I would much rather subsidize energy independence, school supplies, and health care than arm the Middle East to the teeth.

Brad Croul

Nevada City