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Global warming pays

The recent column written by Mr. Crosswhite (April 1) “Global warming makes money, not sense,” was nothing more than a list of simple facts and a leap, with no connecting reasoning, to a conclusion that global warming is a hoax because … well, because the writer knows a few things that could have been cribbed from an elementary school science book or general encyclopedia. (I suspect scientists studying global warming know that volcanoes exist and the percentages of elements and molecules in the atmosphere. They may have considered those and the other items on Mr. Crosswhite’s list.)

To reduce the mass of extensive research studies on atmospheric degradation and the work of dedicated scientists to a sleazy get-rich scheme is an astonishing example of head-in-the-sand reaction to bad news.

I agree with the suggestion to follow the money. Those who think corporations profiting from oil have no financial stake in a petroleum-based economy – and the technological, political, and financial means to saturate our culture to promote their interest – are so fixated on the oil economy as to be blinded to reality and to the exciting and empowering possibility of extricating ourselves from the biggest mess we have ever gotten into.

John McDonald

Grass Valley