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Get the real facts

The argument over Social Security is heating up and not too soon. The administration and fellow travelers are rallying around the flag of misinformation. One published a letter in The Union calling for all to search out the facts, yet this same writer was pushing an article from AEI, one of the largest conservative think tanks. American Enterprise Institute is one of architectural engineers of Bush’s plan. What objectivity!

All will benefit from reading other points of view, opinion, suppositions, even those that are politically motivated. What choice do we have? We have nothing firm from Bush. Consequently, we can only discuss the state of SS. Fortunately, there are many sources besides AEI to choose from. The easy answer is SS is not in “crisis” and it can be fixed for many decades with minor adjustments.

Note, the trustees of SS are political appointees of Bush and they state the system is solvent until 2042. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office states SS will not face shortfall until 2052. Check for articles from many sources. Be vigilant America

Jim Groom

Grass Valley