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Get real perspective on global warming

The Union recently published a bunch of letters and a guest editorial on the subject of “State of Fear” as if it is the last word on the science and politics of global warming.

Children, please.

In which section of the bookstore will you find the book? Fiction. Fick. Shun. As in “I’m making all this up.” Its author, Michael Crichton, claims to see auras and bend spoons with his brain.

The book’s premise is that environmentalists have hyped global warming to extort billions of dollars from an unsuspecting public so these insidious tree-huggers can retire to lavish plantations on Molokai. It’s all a get-rich scheme, you see. Seriously.

Now ask yourself: who owns more Hummers and BMWs: Greenpeace or the executive staff at ExxonMobil? Who’s living in their parents’ basement in Galt: some tie-dyed tree sitter or the president of the American Coal Association? Which call does your congressman take: the president of GM or that skinny kid collecting signatures to increase federal fuel standards?

The verdict on global warming is in: it’s real, it’s here, and it’s caused by people. And that, by the way, is from the non-fiction section.

Bill Rolland

South Nevada County