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Generational warfare

Bush and Congress are selling Social Security reform to the young. Why the young? Simple: Selling requires “generational warfare.” Remember “class warfare?” Hold onto your wallets; we are in for a bumpy ride. Wake up America. Don’t be fooled again!

Those under 55 must be convinced. Conversion is vital. Tell those over 55 not to worry and those under 55 to worry a great deal. Bush is preaching what they want to hear, playing on their credulity and fears brought forth with the usual hand-wringing concern and the usual hyperbole.

What a brilliant plan! Feed one warm milk, pabulum to the other. Divide families along generational lines; pit children against parents on this issue. Yours is the only true voice in this fight. Make noise, show your distrust and let law makers know what you feel. If you don’t, you deserve what you get.

Have you really listened to the radical and bizarre offerings from Washington? Hearing Bush offer simple figments of imagination, fantasies of the air without clarification is disturbing. The issue demands serious debate and Bush’s conclusion is my way or the highway. Purely ideologically driven nonsense and wrong for America. Be vigilant, America.

Jim Groom

Grass Valley