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Funerals and protests

For all those, who may be “left,” “Peace Center” participants, “Pacifists,” “tree-huggers,” or other convenient, pigeon-hole labels … countered with reciprocal labels of “right,” “war mongers,” “property-right advocates,” or “premeditated murderers” …

Them and us. Here in Nevada County, there in Iraq.

I would ask, where were the “left” at Adam Strain’s funeral?

I would ask, where were the “right” at the peace rally in Nevada City?

– Without placards or shouting, but silently honoring both: a local community member who served the United States, and individuals who question our presence in Iraq –

The Union covered Adam Strain’s funeral on the front page recently. I would ask, why wasn’t the vigil for Cindy Sheehan on the cover of The Union?

The answers to the questions really do not matter. But asking the questions do. The greatest harm to our community, our nation, is clinging to “our side,” or unquestionably following the rhetoric of either “side,” or the silent majority ignorantly enjoying our present wealth and peace.

And those at neither event (myself included), but interactive with both “sides” in daily life and conversations, you deserve a salute, and a blessing.

Chip Carman

Nevada City